Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bullying needs to stop

What's bullying ? I'm going to give you two definition's one from the dictionary and one from my point of view. Bullying - a blustering , quarrelsome , overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. Bullying - a cruel jealous person who likes to torture innocent people. I think that's a good definition. Bullying is a HUGE problem today . Did you know around 160,000 kids miss school just because there afraid of getting bullied. Do you guys feel proud of yourself ? Torturing an innocent child for your jealousy or for all your anger that's building up inside you. No you shouldn't feel proud you should feel ashamed. No one I mean NO ONE deserves to get bullied ! I don't really see the point of bulling ? You may have a hard life and all but do you need to make someone else's life hard ? Yeah you might think it's funny but it's really not . When you have a boy or girl crying at home and telling there parents they don't wanna go to school anymore it's not funny. Or when there committing suicide , just think of how that person felt while there were doing that , imagine how there mother and father must feel , or there baby brother or sister , or older brother or sister , there grandparents , or maybe there best friend. Your not just ruining the person your bullying life your ruining everyone that loved them and your life ! You will probably feel guilty for the rest of your life ! Physically bullying someone isn't nice or funny , just think did they do anything to you? Or Cyber Bullying posting a mean , embrassing , or "funny" comment or video of them is definitely not funny , that post may never come off the internet and a bunch of people may be seeing it and that one post can ruin that person life .